Best New Pet Tech Product 2018 PIAA Awards - 12 months warranty

Pet fitness tracker.

Keep on top of your pet's health with the Furry Legs Pet fitness tracker. The world's first digital dog tag that tracks and monitors your pet's health and is easily fitted on to a collar where you can read the stats straight from the LED screen or sync with the free app to set goals and monitor previous activity. 

✓ Counts steps and Tracks distance
✓ Measures highly active time 
✓ Compare weekly and monthly breakdowns of your pet's activity 
✓ World's first digital pet ID tag
✓ Syncs to free app
✓ Adjustable sizes, for cats and dogs
✓ Waterproof
✓ Weighs 9 grams

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  1 year limited warranty

Some Happy Customers

  • Agnes Beugnon

    "Simple set up and the LED touch screen provides eas y access to data (steps/distance/time)."

  • Rachel Johnson

    "I have been using my pet fitness tracker for my dog Jessie for about 6 months now. I look forward to seeing how many steps she has done each day as I get home from work in the late afternoon. It is always a great piece of mind knowing that while I'm away from her, she is still being active. I highly recommend this pet fitness tracker! 😊🐶👍🏼"

  • Kev McGlynn

    "It's such an easy way to monitor how much exercise 'Max' is getting on a day by day basis. Also I love the fact it only requires charging once every couple of weeks."

  • Stephanie McGregor

    "scout is loving it. although she is highly active I like to be able to see if she has been moving around while I'm at work (she must sleep all day 🤣) it's great for our runs as well. Would be very handy if you use dog walkers or have a dog that has been told by the vet to get more exercise as it keeps the data from previous day's. Unlike many other devices like this it does not need a sim card so other then what you pay that's it. Great product and amazing customer service."

  • Jessica Botfield

    "We've been super happy with our pet fitness tracker. It's a great way to keep track of our puppy Max’s activity (especially on days we're both at work) and make sure he's getting enough exercise each day. The tracker is water proof and lasts for ages too- we only have to recharge it every few weeks and it's super quick. Fun device, good value for money, and highly recommend!"

  • Sebecca Rimmons

    "I am the co-owner of a busy pet services establishment and the pet fitness tracker is such an excellent edition to our dogs exercise adventures. We can accurately track distance and desired fitness results for our dogs, that we can then share with their owners and use to achieve weight loss goals and more. We love our pet fitness tracker and are looking to buy 4-5 of them so everyone can have their fitness stats online! it’s the perfect device to track your dogs physical health."

You can find more reviews from our happy customers on the Furry Legs Facebook page and App Store