Best New Pet Tech Product 2018 PIAA Awards - 12 months warranty

About us.

We believe in healthy and happy pets.

We believe in sleek, well designed products.

We also create pet fitness trackers. 


How we came about.

Our founder, Pete, and his mate, Zeus, used to run through the parks and foreshores of Sydney. As Zeus used to run off-lead Pete wondered how far Zeus ran compared to him. Pete decided to look for a pet fitness tracker online but could only find options available to him that were over $100 and some of them even required expensive subscriptions. Pete thought this was a unfair and decided to create his own. With the help of his main tester, Zeus, Pete and Zeus have created the Furry Legs pet fitness tracker. After applying Design Thinking skills and talking to pet owners like you, Furry Legs has designed a pet fitness tracker that is easy and simple to use, has a high-end design and the function of a human fitness tracker. Pete found that pet owners don’t always have their phones on them to check an app so he has made it easy to read the pet’s data with an LED screen that cycles through the different settings. In addition, Pete and Zeus together have created the world’s first digital dog/cat tag.
We’ve put this all together and managed to keep the price well under a hundred Aussie dollars (which equals to about sixty six US dollars for you American folk).
We’re happy and we know you and your pet will be too!
If you have any question you can email Pete on

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