Best New Pet Tech Product 2018 PIAA Awards - 12 months warranty


What equals one step?

We've designed the tracker to register one step every time your pet's front right paw hits the ground. We want the numbers to be comparable to a humans so that you are excited to compete against your pet in daily step challenges. If the step count was four times higher than the step count would be crazy high and you would never want to compete against your Olympian mate.

Can I track my pet's location?

No, the device does not have GPS capability built in. It was done this way to keep the cost to you down. The most common tracking technology is GPS which in most instances requires a sim card so it can connect to phone towers in order to send the information back to your phone. There are pet trackers on the market but some of these will come with a subscription plan due to the sim card.

Is it waterproof?

Yes. As long as your pet isn't a deep sea diver you can leave it on your pet's collar and never worry about it. For the technical people it is IP67 which means it can stay submerged for 30 minutes up to a depth of 1m without any side effects.

What is the battery life?

The battery life will last two weeks with a full charge. If you activate the LED display screen regularly it will deplete the battery faster. If you never use the display screen it will likely last longer than two weeks.

How long does it take to recharge?

One hour if it is connected to a 10W USB charger. This will give you the full two weeks of battery life. The device uses induction charging which is a better design than a port/plug charger when considering its waterproof levels.

Can I see previous data older than one week?

Yes. The main page will show you today's activity while the graph at the bottom of the page shows the last seven days of steps compared to the step goal. If you tap the big circle on the main page it will take you into a second screen. This screen allows you to search the complete history of the tracker. It also enables you to view the week, month and year averages and compare them to each other.

How does it fit to a collar?

The sleekly designed pet fitness tracker attaches to a pet's collar via rubber attachment loops. Three different sizes come in the box and they simply slide off and on. Check out the video on how to setup you pet fitness tracker here if you have any questions.

Are the attachment loops flexible?

Yes, they definitely are. They have been designed to be able to stretch over buckles and metal loops of pet collars. If you want to see them in action stretching then check it out here.

Can a stick or foreign object get caught under the tracker?

Just like any collar foreign objects can get caught underneath the tracker. That is why we have designed the attachment loops to have a breaking strain. If a foreign object gets caught under the fitness tracker the attachment loops will break before the animal becomes too stressed. If you are overly concerned (and you ever right to be as a pet owner) about foreign objects getting stuck under your pet's collar then we recommend you buy a cat collar that has a quick detachment device which detaches at a certain breaking strain.

Can I get new attachment loops?

Yes. All of our packaging is recyclable except for the extra attachment loops you receive. So to maintain our environmentally friendly stance we ask you, should you wish, to post the spare attachment loops back to us. If we receive your spare attachment loops we will send you any replacement loops you need in the correct size. We believe it is only fair and the right thing to do.

Please send all spare attachment loops to:

Furry Legs
PO BOX 2457
Carlingford Court
New South Wales
Australia 2121

Is it really the world’s first digital dog/cat tag?

Yep. Google it if you don't believe us and let us know if you can find another one out there.

What is the warranty period?

12 months.

Why would I want one of these?

For the same reasons as you would want a human fitness tracker. Or you may simply love the latest tech and you can't get anything else as sleek and cool as this.



I can’t input the unique code from the tracker into the app.

When you sync the tracker to the app you need to gather a four digit/letter code. Make sure you hold the button on the tracker down for a COMPLETE 10 seconds. The taller icons are the numbers and the smaller icons are the letters. If you have further questions please check this video out here first and then feel free to email us.

The name and phone number is not displaying correctly on the tracker.

Go into the app and type in a different name and phone number. This should then sync with the tracker. Once you have confirmed this then type in the name and phone number you wish to be displayed on the tracker. If you have further issues please email us.

The recorded distance is not accurate.

Please make sure you add in the correct measurements into the pet's profile. If you have the incorrect measurements you will get incorrect data. If the information being displayed is still incorrect please email us.

The data from the tracker is not syncing with the phone app.

When you open the app on your phone you will be brought to the main screen which has a circle displaying the day's information. Drag this circle down your screen and it will re-synchronise with the app. If this does not work make sure the tracker is paired. If all else fails turn your bluetooth on your phone off, uninstall the app and re-install the app. Unfortunately you will have to input all of the pet's personal data again but it will work again.

When I’m outside the screen is hard to see.

If you are wearing polarised sunglasses it will make it harder to view the LED screen. If you are not wearing sunglasses and it is still hard to see it is due to the brightness of the sun. Cover the tracker with your hand or move to the shade and this will make viewing the information easier.

I think there is a glitch.

If you think you have some funky thing happening to your phone app please turn your bluetooth on your phone off, uninstall the app and re-install the app. Unfortunately you will have to input all of the pet's personal data again but this will fix any issue.


If you want to know something about the product or you have any other questions please email and we will get back to you shortly: