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Keep your pet healthy and happy.


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Is Your Pet Healthy?

We know you love your pet, but are you making sure they stay happy and healthy?

 The pet fitness tracker can help if you:

✔ Want to know what your pet does when you are not at home or if they are acting unusual

✔ Are unsure if your pet daycare or petsitter actually exercises your pet

✔ Need help keeping track of your pet's health or weight loss

✔ Want to make sure your pet is getting enough exercise

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  • Exercise Together

    Find out the steps and distance your pet travels when you exercise together. You can even compete against your pet!

  • Help Your Pet Lose Weight

    Measure exercise levels and activity to help overweight pets reduce their waistline

  • Keep An Eye On Your Pets

    Understand how much exercise your pet really gets when at pet day care, with a pet walker or at a boarding kennel and make sure they are getting enough.

  • Make Sure Your Pet Is Healthy

    Never miss a warning sign! Find out if your pet is feeling unwell or sick by comparing the historical data over time.

  • Tracks Steps

  • Calculates Highly Active Time

  • Measures Distance

  • Sleek lightweight design

As Seen In

  • Australian Dog Lover

    "If you are into the latest pet tech gadgets, have ever been told your pet is overweight or simply would like to know how active your dog (or cat) is, the brand new Furry Legs Pet Fitness Tracker is for you!"

  • Aussie Dog Guy

    "Absolutely love the Furry Legs Pet Fitness Tracker - loads of great features that let me know how active my dogs are, and whether or not there are any issues that's stopping them from exercising. Ultimately it's helps me have happier, healthier dogs. Couldn't recommend it more."

Is Your Pet Unhappy or Overweight?

Estimates suggest that as many as 59 percent of dogs and 52 percent of cats worldwide are overweight. Change that statistic by tracking your pet's movements to help them lose weight!

  • 59%

    overweight dogs

  • 52%

    overweight cats

Help My Pet Lose Weight Today!

Your pet can now show you how they feel!

Never miss unusual activity and signs that your pet isn't feeling well.

Compare weekly and monthly breakdowns of your pet's activity and pick up on vital warning signs if something is not quite right. 

Buy Pet fitness tracker.

Keep on top of your pet's health with the Furry Legs Pet fitness tracker. The world's first digital dog tag that tracks and monitors your pet's health and is easily clipped on to a collar where you can read the stats straight from the LED screen.

  30-day money back guarantee
  1 year limited warranty
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More Features

  Adjustable Size, for cats and dogs    

    1 hour fast charging

Weighs 9 grams

We provide a donation to local animal shelters with every tracker purchased.